Legal Copywriting

Legal Copywriting & SEO Content Marketing Writer

So, you’re ready to give advice as a solicitor, barrister, attorney or other lawyer or legal advisor, but you don’t have enough clients. You need to: 

  • communicate your compelling message clearly;
  • attract attention in a crowded online market;
  • let clients know how to contact you;
  • help Google explore your site with appropriate links;
  • make it clear how to book an appointment with you;
  • build customer loyalty and interest — to encourage referrals and client retention;
  • demonstrate your expertise and authority as well as your personality; 
  • showcase your professionalism and trustworthiness;
  • mix it in with a little added element of social proof;
  • let clients know how to contact you; and
  • help Google explore your site with appropriate links.

I can help you make a suitable impact with my professional Legal Content writing. 

It goes without saying that your website needs to make a good first impression. Just as when you meet someone for the first time, he or she will make unconscious decisions about you based on what you look like, how you’re dressed, whether you make eye contact and how firm your handshake is. So too will your site send out certain signals.

So don’t be dull and uninspiring, however technically excellent your content may be, and however much you demonstrate your reputation, expertise and experiences. Don’t forget to talk to potential clients who are asking themselves:

  • do you understand my pain points?
  • can you solve my problem?

Too few legal websites connect with their audience in a sufficiently human and personal way.

Your written word is a powerful tool to help prospective clients learn more about you, and why they should use your services. It will also, of course, deepen your relationship with existing clients too. 

I will ensure that your written copy is technically correct and engaging. I understand the law and how to articulate your requirements. I will connect with your target audience and confirm your legal expertise and authority. I will ensure that your copy will be well crafted and have the right tone, and just the right level of legalese and legal terminology.

As a lawyer with over 20 years experience, I can create copy for all practice areas. I understand the SEO process having worked as an SEO consultant. I am easily able to use the correct SEO phrases in a natural, Google-friendly way in your copy for your website and/or blog. I will adapt my style to suit your practice and your chosen audience. 

Whether you are a law firm, barristers’ chambers or mediation practice, I can help transform your copy: 

  • website, 
  • blog, 
  • articles, 
  • downloads, 
  • resource guides, 
  • social media and 
  • newsletters. 

I am selective about the clients I accept. Whilst I’d be delighted to help just about every business that I come into contact with to achieve a spectacular level of success, it is simply not practical. The work:

  • takes a  very precise and clear strategic plan to become loved by Google; and
  • requires an extreme attention to detail and is time consuming.

I will dedicate myself to the ultimate success of any client that I work for  and my goal will always be to succeed beyond your expectations. Consequently I can therefore only work with a limited amount of clients at any one time. 

Accordingly, I select the clients I work with very carefully, and have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

My very strong preference is to work with clients who:

  • already have an active & strong business with a solid consistent flow of leads and customers;
  • have consistent traffic and sales;
  • are actively advertising & promote their business;
  • are proud of their reputation, customer service & goodwill;
  • want to take their business to the next level; &
  • have a strong ethos of integrity underpinning their business & are passionate about what they do.

If you meet the criteria and would like to discuss with me personally about getting you outstanding results, then I will be only too happy to do so.

I just need same basic details about your practice & a general idea of what you would want to achieve for me to be better able to serve you. I’ll review your site, and your goals in some detail & together we can create a custom plan to grow your business and revenue. 

Contact me by either emailing me at or call me on 07967 836715 for your free consultation.