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Practical, cost effective Legal Consultant for your commercial contracts & agreements

After practising for over 12 years working as a Corporate Commercial Solicitor in some of the biggest City and international law firms, I have an overall grasp of the important issues in this area of law. I was involved in company acquisitions, stock exchange listings, investment agreements of all kinds including venture capital and management buy-outs, and even a government privatisation. I have been involved in legal problem solving at the highest levels.

I am intellectually sharp, thorough, creative and highly commercial.

I love working with entrepreneurs who are flexible and results driven. I enjoy getting to know them and to being a trusted sounding board and advisor. I have acted for many start-ups and growth businesses over the years. 

So if you want a practical, cost effective, business legal consultant who has genuinely expertise, detailed knowledge, know-how and experience who is able to understand commercial realities and anticipate opportunities and risks……then you are in the right place. 

Your business  needs the right commercial agreements in order to work smoothly and efficiently. They can facilitate good customer and supplier relationships and help avoid disputes.


  • A good contract will take into consideration future obligations and anticipate the changing nature of business.
  • You need to be aware of where you are exposed to risk.

I will help you gain highly practical and proportionate contracts. The aim is always to include all the important things and not be distracted by irrelevant fluff.

I can evaluate your bargaining position and respond accordingly.  

Contract basics

It is always helpful to keep the basics in mind: 

  • Who is to do what?
  • Where, how and when will the contract be performed?
  • What are the key milestones and time critical dates?
  • When will payment be made? 
  • What happens if payment is late or not made?
  • How will disagreement be dealt with to avoid court proceedings?

Avoiding disputes

I can assist in resolving business disputes and avoiding litigation. In my experience most business people want to avoid going to court as they know how expensive that can be. By being sharp, pragmatic and realistic I can help you stay out of court.

Contract Advice or Review

So if you are an entrepreneur, a Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise, a partnership, investor or shareholder who needs a commercial contract legal consultant to draft, review, advise on or negotiate a contract, please get in touch.

You may simply want to have a contract reviewed. I can step in and just be a double check for you. An extra pair of eyes can spot things you may have overlooked. Your performance obligations should be suitable for your side of the business agreement.

My experience is very broad and extend to a wide variety of commercial contracts and mattes of corporate governance including: 

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