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I live in South Hams, Devon and enjoy helping the local community in resolving legal matters – from small businesses with regard to contractual, commercial & e-commerce matters to local individuals to assist them in Estate Planning and the preparation of Wills.

I am a retired former solicitor offering my services as a Legal Consultant.

Having worked for over 12 years in some of the biggest international law firms in the world, I have acquired an ability to see legal issues quickly and to grasp complex issues and explain them in a simple, easy-to-understand way. I enjoy crafting words in a way that can bring clarity to the most complex of situations.

I do not carry the overheads of a law firm, and my affordable fees reflect that. In fact, I charge about half the cost of a junior paralegal at a local solicitors’ firm in a local small town here in South Hams. Also for the time being, I am not required to charge VAT. So from a purely financial perspective, I am sure you can naturally and easily feel good about choosing to engage my services.

I pride myself on offering a flexible service which gets to the root of a problem rather than simply ticking legal boxes, and provides the legal advice you require.

Nicholas Orosz, Legal Consultant

Practice Areas

General Corporate Commercial

Having worked at a very high level in the City, I am able to advise generally & prepare general commercial business agreements.


I have advised many e-commerce and internet businesses on legal compliance, relating to Intellectual Property, terms & conditions, data protection and privacy issues

Wills & Estate Planning

I am able to prepare wills and discuss estate planning with a view to minimising Inheritance Tax liabilities. Setting up Trusts can play an integral part of this strategy. Lasting Powers of Attorney may need to be considered.

Charity Law

I have worked as a trustee for 3 charities over the years, and have a strong interest in this sector.

General Legal Advice

General day-to-day legal advice

Letter writing

I can draft precise, unambiguous letters, which are designed to protect your interests and give you a great chance of getting the outcomes you desire.

What clients say

I have worked with Nicholas for over a decade. He has a winning combination of being a lawyer with empathy, a sharp eye for detail, perfect ability to express what’s important whilst maintaining the overall context of the agreement/assignment. His work with me included litigation, navigating the complexities of IPR legislation and a variety of corporate governance and investor agreements. His acute intellect grasps the commercial requirement and he adds to his professional and legislative know how to provide exactly what is required for the job to get done. I am grateful to have the privilege and opportunity to work with Nicholas.


It only took one well-crafted letter from Nicholas for a dental practice to offer me £500 in compensation for negligent work they had undertaken. Previously I had been rebuffed several times. I really valued his insight, calm help and ability to write exactly what was needed for the practice to take me seriously. Thank you!

JILL HARRIS, March 2021

Working with Nicholas is a refreshing experience in the Legal world. As an ex-investment banker and entrepreneur, I’ve seen legal teams often miss the woods for the trees, that’s where Nicholas’ matured experiences of handling some major corporation accounts comes handy. 
With Nicholas’ perfect amalgam of business understanding and legal propriety, I feel I’ve achieved a lot of certainty in an otherwise uncertain business environment.



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